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Officers & Advisors

Officers & Advisors

Douglas Miller


Since having had the experience of living and working overseas for ten years, Mr. Miller not only enjoys working with his international students at the university but seeks to encourage American students to explore beyond their national boundaries. The opportunity to work with Golden Key International Honour Society as an advisor for almost ten years has been a true pleasure for him. Mr. Miller is grateful to have worked with numerous leadership teams to make academics, service, leadership, education, and literacy a central focus in many young lives. For Mr. Miller, Golden Key represents international diversity and opportunity on a different scale than other honor societies.

Emily Dee


Hello Golden Key members! My name is Emily Dee, and I am your Chapter President. I am a senior majoring in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Currently, I am involved with two research projects under two different departments. My sociological research examines why female suicide terrorism is a growing phenomenon, what motivates females to become suicide bombers, how organizations are using their knowledge of females' motivations to recruit women, and how females’ motivations to commit suicide attacks interact with the terrorist group’s aims, strategic goals, and discourse. My anthropological research examines theories of cultural performance and the intersectionality between race, gender, and class in New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Krewes. I plan to pursue a Master's in International Relations and am also considering the possibility of pursuing a second Master's in Applied Anthropology. In my future career, I would like to create programs that deter people from becoming terrorists, help victims of international terrorism, and help refugees and displaced persons. A few random facts about me are: 1) I can play the violin, 2) I want to become a polyglot (a speaker of multiple languages), and 3) I rarely watch American movies because I prefer Bollywood movies. Lastly, I became a Golden Key officer not only because I believe in the three pillars Golden Key stands for but also because I can build leadership skills and attend leadership summits, learn how to communicate more effectively, build my future career resume, participate in service events, and create long-lasting friendships!

Brittany de Hoyos

Vice President

Hello Golden Key members! My name is Brittany de Hoyos, and I am your Vice President. I am currently a graduate student who is pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Criminal Justice. I plan to attend law school in the fall of 2016. Out of all the classes I have taken, my favorite was Intro to Logic. It was the hardest class I took as it was mentally challenging and stimulating. However, it showed me how to make it through a challenge with hard work and determination. Also, it was rewarding to see my efforts produce an A. After that class, I learned what I was truly capable of accomplishing. Some interesting facts about me are: 1) I was the Undergraduate Criminal Justice Student of the Year last spring, 2) I originally learned my alphabet backwards as a prank by my brothers but I can still recite it backwards like a pro, and 3) I am the only red-head in my family. I became an officer of Golden Key because I personally believe Golden Key will help me realize my potential at a higher level. The recognition of my academics and leadership through my invitation to join GKHS gave me confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to pursue greater accomplishments. I am excited to see how I grow as a leader in the Vice President position and look forward to helping others reach their potential and pursue their goals.

Gulnara Anzarova


Hello Golden Key members! My name is Gulnara Anzarova, and I am your Treasurer. I am currently a senior majoring in the biological sciences and minoring in chemistry. My plan is to attend medical school and become a physician. My favorite classes have been Microbiology, Virology, and Biochemistry. I’ve enjoyed learning about the disease-causing aspects of bacteria and viruses as well as the biochemical reactions of the body at the molecular level. I currently do research in Microbiology under the supervision of Dr. Mark Schneegurt. My project is to determine the pathogenicity of certain feather bacteria that are on Dark-eyed Junco birds. Our goal is to identify whether these bacteria cause significant harm to plants. Three interesting facts about me are that 1) I am fluent in three languages (Turkmen, Russian, and English) and can understand Turkish, 2) I work out at least five times a week because I really enjoy doing so, and 3) I enjoy school a lot (even though people often find this odd). Being an officer in Golden Key has helped me develop leadership skills, collaborate in group discussions and activities, and plan a variety of campus events. I am hoping that I will get to meet other Golden Key members from different backgrounds and majors this year!

  • Major: Biological Sciences
  • Minor: Chemistry

Darlene Stroud

Service Director

Hello Golden Key members! My name is Darlene Stroud, and I am your Service Director. I am currently a junior but will become a senior in the spring of 2016. I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Criminal Justice. I plan to attend a graduate program at WSU. My goal is to someday teach public speaking and work as a facilitator for students and instructors at WSU. I do not have a favorite class because all of my classes have been equally rewarding. However, my favorite professors are Dr. Ron Matson, Dr. Moore-Jansen, and Dr. Se De Yu. Some random facts about me are: 1) I have studied at both Mary Washington College in Virginia and Emporia State College, 2) I taught special education for ten years, 3) I used to surf at Huntington Beach in Southern California where I grew up, and 4) I worked at WSU’s Intensive English Language Center from 2008 to 2015. I currently tutor international students and help them with public speaking. Golden Key Honor Society has helped me build leadership skills through their leadership training. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to build relationships with other members both here at WSU and from other chapters across the southern region. I have went to some of the leadership summits Golden Key has held in the past. The seminars and workshops are well-organized and fun to attend! Lastly, Golden Key offers me the opportunity to travel and to study abroad. As your Service Director for this year, I am looking forward to meeting new members of our chapter!

  • Major: Communications
  • Minor: Criminal Justice
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